"Scale (Exact)"

Following a tutorial on one the many Blender3d tutorial sites and currently learning about “Extrdude Dup”
One of the examples mentions to “Scale (Exact)” but don’t know what it means by “exact”.
All I know is to press the “S” key but I imagine it means scaling something down with it’s size remaining at a 1:1 ratio rather than a .5:1 (or whatever) ratio.
Can anyone tell me what (Exact) means and how I’d do it please.

Well, if you’re just scaling (not scaling constrained to an axis) the aspect ratio of your object will not change. I’d suppose scale (exact) means you can scale to a particular number, rather than just moving the mouse and taking whatever scale factor looks close to what you want. To scale to a number, simply type the number in after you type the s key.

Orinoco, that’s exactly the answer I was looking for!!
Just tried it now (took 10secs to realise pressing the full-stop would result in a negative :)), and sure enough my object scaled and it’s properties still show a scale of “1”.
Pressing “S” and moving the mouse will make the object bigger and smaller but change the scale factor in the object properties.
Coudln’t have asked for a better answer!!! Thanks.