Scale/Extrude Question

Hey guys,

I having bit of an issue. I am currently following a tutorial on BlenderGuru on Creating a high rise building. At about 9 mins and 45 secs into the tutorial he appears to “extrude” one side of the object but it doesn’t appear to add any extra faces to his piece. How do I do this? I have tried everything I know how to do at this point to achieve this result. He says he is scaling along the z axis. I understand the scaling along the z axis part. It just appears that he is scaling along the z axis having selected only one face and not adding any faces to his object.

Thanks for any insight into how this is done.


If this is the first of the two videos all he’s doing is scaling the cube along the z axis (S Z) and then the grabs the four bottom vertices and moving them down along the z axis (G Z) to get them in the right position, no extruding involved.

@ Richard

THANK YOU!!! I knew it wasn’t an extrude but I didn’t know how else to explain it. I was missing the Grab before the scale on the zaxis