Scale factor ?

I have a dxf terrian file (3d faces) that is based on 1unit = 1meter.
What scale should I apply to my object in blender ?

The problem I have is that when I bring in my camera, it is at a different scale to that of my model and as a result I cannot see it in my viewport.

Note, I am a newbie.

thanks in advance.

I don´t think there´s a rule set in stone for this. If your model came too small, try scaling it to a factor you can remember later if you need to re-import later (like 10 or so). If it´s too big, scale it down…

I’m with arangel, it’s all just relative. If the model’s too small in the camera, just select all the model (including the lamp) and scale it up.

Blender unofficially assumes 1 Unit ~= 1 meter, so in general, you should try to follow that rule.

(I can state reasons for my assumption if anyone complains :slight_smile:

thanks intrr

I like that rule.

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