Scale figure preference

When you’re doing an architectural visualization project, do you prefer to use sweet, sexy young people or the more realistic fat, ugly and old slobs?

The people who will be seen in the project I’m working on are of the latter but I’d rather make models of Playmates and other such hotties. Why yes I am a guy, how did you guess?

i prefer mine to be a small cartoon models, kinda like that from UP, or something along the lines of chibi game figures. for the outside appearance i prefer them to be “cute” but another term i would use is smooth.

may they be fat, old, or smexy i could care less. it is all about what there role in the story is.

It’s probably always a good idea to cater to your audience.

In that case I’d need to place deer in bikinis. We’re showing this to a bunch of rednecks

Well… I’d like to see midget zombies in break dancing attire. I actually think rednecks prefer that to actual people.