Scale for Blender

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I had read here somwhere a while back that blender was scaless. i have found that this is not true. if you zoom completely in to the smallest square in the grid, this one square is one square inch. here is my proof: i am an architectural designer and work with autoCAD all day long. autoCAD draws in real parameters (meaning if i draw a line 12 feet in the program and print i would get a 12 foot line, you need a big plotter for this). one day being bored at home i decided to draw one square foot in autoCAD. i then imported this in to 3dsmax at a scale of 1 to 1 so it would stay the original 1 square foot. i the exported this as a .obj file and imported it in to blender and arrived at 12 squares up and 12 squares across. therefore the smallest square in blender is equal to 1 square inch!

A standard UV-sphere has a diameter of 2 Blender units. Should I decide to make this sphere part of a molecule, these two units will equal 2 nanometers. If it’s to become a tennis ball, 2 units will become 2 inches. If I fancy making it a planet, it might be 0.002 lightyears.
I don’t think your theory holds any water.


(Arghh - this might have been a belated April Fool’s joke and I fell for it…)

The blender units can be used however you like, just as bartleby demonstrated. But they aren’t any specific unit of measurement and even if it were a specific unit of measurement it would’ve been meters or centimeters (seeing as they use the metric system in the Netherlands - where Blender originates).

trust me bartleby bottlebabby or whatever. i know what i am talking about. i do design for a living. buy CAD and try it for yourself just for your interest i may post a video showing the proof

I also use AutoCAD for a living and I’m very certain the size of the output plot to has to do with the plotter settings.

i am not using a plotter, how can you get a model in to blender using a plotter?! i am importing the drawing file directly in to 3dmax with a scale of 1:1. max accepts DXF and DWG files as imports, so you import a sqaure 1 foot box in to max then export out to something you can use on blender, like .OBJ or .3DS

Somehow I expected an answer of the kind: “be sure you wrong”.
So this was indeed intended as a joke - thanks for a good laugh! :yes:
By the way, don’t attempt to make fun of other people’s names; In some cultures this is considered rude.


P.S.: Have you considered that 3DSmax is dimensionless as well? Not an ideal solution for an intermediate conversion…

wow, suprisingly you can tell when someone is being rude, how old are you again? get some education and come talk then bud. i stick to my guns, just because you are too full of yourself to acknowledge other peoples findings does not mean you are right.

Blender is indeed unitless. Been discussed many times and you are not going to win the argument. 1 Blender unit cna equaly whatever you wnat it to equal. (ie - 1 blender unit = 1 mm = 1 inch = 1 foot = 1 km, etc. etc.).

Cease and desist. Thank you.