Scale for the Physics engine?

Hi all!

I have looked around a bit and connot find anything on this important matter…

Anyone know what Scale Erwin was thinking of when he made the game engine physics?

Is it the usual 1 blender unit = 1 meter?

I understand this might all be in my head… but,
I am noticing that different siZed objects are falling at different rates depending on scale (yes yes, I press the all mighty control A on my stuff first)

I want to make some accurate physics demos for my portfolio/ sales brochure.

I need everything to be as accurate as possible. Some of my clients are going to be blood sucking lawyers, buying visualizations to win court cases.

Anyone know the optimum scale for the physics simulations?

Does 1 blender unit = 1 meter, 1 foot, 1 yard?
Does it really matter?


From this thread:

Hope that helps.

Erwin mentioned that 1 blender unit = 1 meter… but that doesn’t mean you will get a accurate phyics simulation building objects to scale… I don’t think it’s accurate enough to be rellied upon in a court case… it works well for games and animations which is what it was designed for… I just tweek the size and mass until I get the motion I like… good luck :wink:

You guys rock!
thanks Social and Kirado

Well… it is just for visualizations, not to really prove anything true or false… just to give the people a basic idea of what might have happened… like when they use actors on TV for Dramatizations …

think of it as a 3d illustration, not to be submitted as “proof” of anything… just to help tell a story…

I am planning on going back in , and tweaking certain IPO’s to match the witnesses discription,

anyways, thanks again guys :slight_smile: