Scale FROM an Axis (Scaling on 2 axes)

Hi -

Another noob question:

Is there a way to scale from an axis? I.e. if I have a cube, I would like to scale from the Z axis, so that the x- and y- dimensions are changed, but Z remains constant. [I know scale <i>on</i> an axis affects 1 axis at a time, I’m trying to affect 2.]

I know how to do this numerically by entering appropriate scale factors, but I would like something real time.

Many thanks for the help.


Press S to scale, and the Shift+[axis you want to exclude]. This applys to Grab and Rotate too.

Thank you! Just the ticket!!

You can also shift-click on the manipulator handles.

Or if you use the middle mouse button to define axes, shift also does the same trick here.