Scale individual groups

i was wondering if there is an inbuilt way or a script to scale individual groups
here is a pic to illustrate what i mean
at the top is the original peace to be scaled XYZ
at the left is the blender version of it
at the right is the way i need it to be

a little update

since i saw that there is no such script/scaling option, i took some time and made a script…learning purposes only :smiley:

Anyway it enables you to scale individual selection(VERTICLES ONLY) as if they were selected and scaled one by one.
you can scale only in obj mode.

below is the example file containing the script.
comments are welcome.

… Or you can use Individual centers,you don´t need to use a script

Don´t ya see these faces,i scaled them using individual centers,there are other pivot options like

wow :smiley: …probably havent noticed it because mostly im usually scaling in vertex mode+ i have allways associated the word “pivot” with rotating only.

anyway thanks for pointint that out.