Scale ipo/keyframes trouble

When I record my game-physics to ipo-curves, The animation is much longer then in the game mode… Thats a well known fact, but when I I try to scale it down along the X, I get some strange movements in my animation. The object does not move smoothly anymore, there are certain keyframes that are changed, and make the object do strange movements.
I hope somebody can help me.
If you sugest to scale the frames in the NLA-editor, I tried, and get the same results…
I could ofcourse lower my f/s, but than the animated object wouldn’t fit with the rest of the animation.

thanks in advance

In the game engine there are about 60 fps. In the animation, you use only 25- That means the motion is more than double as slow as in the game. So you have to scale it about 0.4

Yes man, I jus wrote that I know it is a common wellknown fact about the difference in f/s…
I know i have to scale it down 0.4, but what about the wrong keyframes???

No help.
Somebody else?

I second that.
Also I don’t know how to scale it as I would do with a object fixing the cursor at a certain point. I mean that with the Ipo the scale is always towards the center, but instead I’d like to scale it to the beginning of the animation, at frame 0

Yes, that’s another thing, but indeed. When is scaling to the center usefull in the ipo-window??? hardly ever, i guess.
But no one seems to be able to help me…(?)