scale ipo?

I made a short animation of a planet fly by I like the camera traking and movement but the whole thing is to fast. I would like it to play back about 4 times slower. do I have to redo all the key frames or can I scale the ipo curves some how? I want to keep all the movements the same just add frames.

To scale ipo curve:
select all ipo curve in ipo window using AKEY
scale using SKEY, constraint on X axis by giving a horizontal trait with the mouse while clicking the Middle mouse button.
The ipo should now scale on frame axis. After that you replace th start of ipo curves on frame 1, as the start will be also scaled.

thanks I coudn’t figure out how to scale in the x direction in the ipo window.
mmb just like the 3d window funny I didnt try that. s key - x key dosnt work in the ipo window. :slight_smile:

Actually it does work, but instead it reflects the curve on the X axis.

You can also use a time IPO. This gives you the advantage of speeding and slowing sections of the animation if need be. However, (in 2.37a) it does make it difficult to edit IPOs later because they don’t change so you aren’t always where you think you are on the curve.

>Move cursor over IPO window
>Press N KEY
>Change xMax value to whatever new frame you want the animation to end