Scale many objects without changing location


That seems pretty simple but I can’t figure out how to do it:

  • I create a cylinder
  • I duplicate it using “Spin duplicate”

Now I’d like to change the radius of all duplicated cylinders at the same time without changing their location.

I selected “Individual centers” but still it doesn’t work.

Thanks for any idea!



See the attached pic.

Best of Luck!!

EDIT - Dang it, I read the the subject and not the post!!


Spin dup works in the edit mode level. All your cylinders are still considered to be one object. Select all the verts of your cylinders and press p -> loose parts while in edit mode. Then your individual centers scaling will work.


Thanks GreyBeard, it works fine :slight_smile:

On the bottom header on the right of Pivot menu
there is a button called move enter only

if you click on it you might be able to do what you said?