Scale move rotate UV coordinates inside 3D view port

I would like to create a simple move rotate scale widget in the 3D view port when editing the UVs of selected faces.

SketchUp has a wonderful way to unwrap and then place, position, rotate, scale textures.

look at min 4:35

Blender has a fantastic UV unwrapped build in but it would be nice for architecture needs to adjust scale and position of textures in the 3D viewport and not via the UV Image Editor.

does anybody have a tip how to start coding the widget?
Warning : I have zero experience.

I assume that the modeling commands from the UV editor I can capture and use for the script.

I would personally recommend writing something simpler first, following some tutorials, and really getting your feet wet. Blender Python is very idiosyncratic, even if you know Python perfectly, it still takes some getting used to. There’s some excellent guides in the official docs: and I would recommend reading through (and working through) at least the Quickstart, the API Overview, and the API Reference Usage. That will give you the tools to understand the full complete API reference. Without that, you won’t be able to make much progress.

Next, play around with the templates in the Text Editor to learn more about how operators work and integrate. The Simple Operator template is a great place to get your feet wet.

Currently the only way to move UVs from 3D viewport is with this addon.

Is not exactly what you need, but at least it shows the way.

I own it - too complex and has many errors