Scale of curves bevel

Hello. I just noticed something strange (possibly a bug) with beveled curves.

Currently, if i create a curve (tested with a Bezier Circle, might be important), scale it in object mode and bevel it to create some sort of torus, the radius of the torus (as defined by the bevel size) is also scaled. That’s OK, Blender is applying the scaling to the entire object.
Here comes the interesting part : now i apply the scale. Properties correctly show a scale of 1 on each axis. However, the bevel size is still multiplied by the, no longer visible, scaling done previously. The same will occur if i first scale the curve (in object mode) then apply the scale and finally add the bevel.
If the circle is scaled in edit mode, the bevel is applied correctly at 1x scale.

Tested on a fresh scene. It’s attached but really basic (nothing but 3 “bezier torus”).

Is it something known? Is it working as intended? It’s easy enough to work around but if some scaling stays hidden somewhere when the properties don’t show it, it might cause other troubles (and i know curves can act funny in Blender).

Very old story, Bevel point mean radius is scaled also. W > Set curve radius. Alt+S to scale radius.