Scale of Universe

Really Interesting! :smiley:

Its fun to go at full speed from biggest to smallest. lol

yeah, tunnel like experience. :smiley:

not bad
but I miss light second and light minute

much can be explained of the larger…but the smaller?? :smiley: cool…

I guess it’s even cooler if you’re old enough to remember what IBM did in 1977(?) :wink:

The Powers of 10:

Hey, I remember that IBM video. As for that first scale one, the guys have a sense of humour. i really like the MineCraft world and Russel’s Teapot.

And the “2012 version” of the IBM video:

So if I read YouTube right, it also seems to entertain the idea of multiple universes outside of this one as well as galaxies inside atoms and thus possibly zooming in and out for infinity? Now I wonder if it would even be possible to test something like that?

But even the known scale is quite impressive, now if we could actually travel through it and develop telescopes powerful enough to actually get so much as a high quality picture of the known exoplanets.

Wow, great find, what a gem. Also the other videos are impressive. Thanks all for sharing.

Zooming in on the link on first post the last thing you find is the Planck Length.
In a channeling (a medium receiving a message) it was said that particles enter in our reality and then exit from it and then enter again and appear in a different place usually near (this every quantum scientist will say to you that they don’t understand it but it is that way). In the channeling it was said that the number of times for second that particles enter and exit our reality is exactly the planck number. So this is a very important number, it is like the clock speed of the CPUs in our computers, it is the clock speed of our reality.

Woah, nicely put, very interesting. That channeling, is it publicly accessible? Would like to know more.

Sorry but I don’t remember which one.

Nice!.. :slight_smile:

Oh it’s awesome!!!

Beautifull and humbling, isnt it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow, that does blow my mind no matter how many times I see stuff like this. Just… wow.