Scale problem... scaling up makes an object shrink?

Some objects in my scene shrink when I scale them up, and vice-versa, in Object Mode. They are some of several objects that were parented to the same metarig. Only some of them. There is nothing enabled on the Physics tab. No Constraints or Drivers. Things I have tried: clearing all keyframes; clearing parent; applying loc/rot/scale; clear group; make single-user; make local; and Clear Group. I’m stumped. What did I do?

Please upload a .blend and a demonstration of the behavior. Unfortunately, there’s little we can do with just the description of your issue.

Actually, while making a version of the file with no intellectual property, I found the problem: There was a Maintain Volume constraint. I thought I’d made sure there weren’t any (I’m sure I didn’t add it on purpose) but that was the problem :slight_smile: Thanks!