Scale scene to character; or scale character to scene. That is the question.

So I have thrown myself at blender for a University project.

I have a large desert scene that extends to a massive cliff face that overlooks an ocean (HDRI). Problem is when I link my character into the scene I have to scale it down to 0.01 zooming in to animate can be frustrating as a simple scroll moves objects out of viewport. If I scale the scene up it begins to disappear.

What is the correct CGI method for animating a character in a large environment? Do I scale the scene up; or the character down; Do I make a composition; or animate the linked file… What is the official method?

Kind Regards

Carlin Frost

In telling story, first environment is shown, and then come the close shot up of character. They are not single shot in most cases. Example:

What is your story and what kind of image do you want to show? Storyboard?

Without addressing your question directly, this issue can be avoided by adjusting view and camera clipping limits; several answers can be found by searching the forum for ‘clipping’; many of them correct.