Scale scene to fix depth of field

I created a scene which I unfortunatelly didn’t create to scale so objects are much bigger than in reality. Now I wanted to created depth of field and had to realise that DOF in 2.82 can only be dialed in with f-stops and no longer with radius. But since the objects are much bigger than in real life my camera also has a much bigger distance to the objects and now I get hardly any blur separation. With the old aperture option Radius this would have been a no brainer because I could have just estimated the amount and dialed it in freely.
Is there a way to fix the depth of field without the need to now meticulously scale down every object, shader, light and so on to match real world dimensions to get proper out of focus separation?

If scale problem is general (I mean whole scale is wrong but ratios between objects are right) using scale with 3d cursor as pivot point centered exactly in the middle of the scene might work for rescaling the whole scene at once I think.

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I have not tested this but I think you can change the Unit Scale under the Scene settings to change the scale of the entire scene.

Just scaling with the 3d curser doesn’t work because then procedural shaders are losing proportions to the objects.
I already tried changing the units but that doesn’t do anything to the computation. It only changes the viewports grid size.

Are the procedural shaders mapped to a Texture Coordinate?

Something like this is what are you trying to achieve?

Before scaling

After scaling

is there no way to convert the old radius value to an equivalent fstop value?

Basically yes.
The problem is it’s not just textures but also IOR on glass shaders that looks pretty different on a smaller model.
Also a particle animation with a turbulence field that is much too big now.
I really don’t understand why the devs took that Radius feature out. Pretty tough in moments like these to rant about Blender…but that’s a different topic.
Anyway, because I don’t have the time I now went with the solution to adjust everything by hand. Rather underwhelming experience. :unamused: