Scale selected face to input size?

Hello, I’m new and I am working on a model, and I need to scale the selected face to a number I can input. Because of the huge number of times I would have to do this by hand, basically it would be impossible. I was hoping someone might Know of a script which will scale selected face to an user input number, and then store that number so the next time the script is loaded it has the last values input preloaded into it so all you would have to do is activate it? If anyone knows about a script like this, or could help me out in any way I would really appreciate it, thank you.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to achieve. Can’t you simply select all the faces and scale them to a specific value?

there are a number of useful modelling scripts
Personally I’ve found ProCAD and Mesh Geom very useful. It’s possible there are other scripts that actually can give you what you want.

Yes I could do that by hand , but the model I’m working on is very intricate and has thousands of faces, so that wouldn’t work, I just want a script that retains the last number put into it so that I can simply select a face and then activate the script so that it will scale the face, then I would select the next face, run the script again, and so on until they’re all scaled.

OK, what I meant was, most of the time you can select all faces and transform them in a few steps using Blender’s mesh tools combined with various pivot locations and orientations etc.

In some situations you can use combinations of various modifiers to achieve stunning results. Your solution could be to simply delete 90% of your mesh, move a single face, and apply an array modifier.

Depends on context of course. If you share a blend file or a few screen shots someone might be able to give you some advices.

I need to scale all the faces like A is. B is where I start from. I have tried various other ways of scaling, including alt s (shrink fatten) they don’t work, even when I select a small group of faces. I need to scale all the faces exactly the same, which requires me to put in the same number every time, for this many faces,( and there is a lot more you cant see) doing it by hand is going to take forever.

You can do that with scale centres only.

  1. Randomly selected faces on a subdivided cube.

  1. Enable centers only and individual centers

  1. Scale

Oh I didn’t know about that , thank you Mats Halldin, this is going to save me a huge amount of time, much appreciated.