scale several objects at once to a certain value

I have a building that is not corectly scaled, I want to scale it to a certain size (let’s say north facade needs to be 600 feet and the model imported is 206 or another odd number). The building is made of many elements and I want to scale everything at once. What is the easiest way to do it. In other programs like formZ I can select the building and just snap-scale to new value by aligning the two points of the wall with the correct size of the wall (even without knowing actual sizes of objects). Thanks for suggestions. a

Can’t you just select them all then press S-Key? Then move the mouse and hold down the CTRL-Key and watch the numbers in the lower left hand corner of the 3D window. Snap to Scale. If the numbers move too fast, you can add the SHIFT-KEY modifier to slow down the scaling.

you can input a numerical number you want to scale it precisely

After you have your objects selected - press S > then N > and enter the number you want to scale it by and press enter

eg. if you want to scale it by 2 - press 2
if you want to scale it by half - press .5


(PS you may want to position the 3D cursor on the ground plane and in the centre of your building and then scale around the cursor - this will mean when it scales up or down, it will stay touching the ground)

sorry guys for asking, i’ve found the solution after posting the q… just i have too many programs loaded in my brain and sometime i’ve got lost in my thoughts … a