Scale to Image Aspect Ratio in 2.51


Has “scale to image aspect ratio” been left out of Blender 2.51? I haven’t been able to find it. If it is not in there, can we get it back? It is very handy.

jjyoder :smiley:


It hasn’t been ported over to Blender 2.51 yet. I am guessing that it will be brought back in when it’s nearer to being completed.

Thanks terry_wallwork! I look forward to it.


seems there is already a script for this i think

check a few post before the end of this page

but still have to show it’s working fine !

happy 2.5

Thanks to Crouch the last thing is fixed.
This scales the object along local x axis to the first texture of the first material it finds.
it even brings back the alt-v shortcut.
You have to use a newer build and install it as an addon.

how do you use this
this is spposed to change the size of a plane fori instance
now i did this in 2,49 following CG cookie video ttorial
and it works fine but not in 2,5 ?

you should add ias do
that this has to be put in addon folder
then go to add on panle in user preference
then select this script then
you can use the Alt-V to change the size of the plane !

i had a lot of problem tomake it work!

also how come this is not working while you run it from the text editor ?

now can you tell why you have a break at line 39
i mean normally break command are not use inormal script ?
more for debugging purposes!

Thanks and happy 2.5