Scale up rendered image by inverse of Render resolution %

Hi there,

I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but is there a way to scale up by the inverse amount that you set in the render settings?

it if I render 1920x1080 at 25%, have it render that big, but then scale up x 4 so the output image is the full size?

Just makes it easier with rendering placeholder footage for After Effects and premiere etc, plus better for watching back low res previews.

In compositor add a driver to both X and Y values in Scale node and as a driver value use the resolution percent. Expression of 100.0/value where value is the percent value gives you scaling factor.

Something like this:

Nice, thanks!

Coming back to this, I’m sure I got it working before, but now what happens is it scales up the render and pastes it into an image that’s the same size as the original, so you just get the centre of the scaled up image.