Scale verts in a half circle

I’m not exactly sure what to call what I’m trying to do. I guess it’s scaling vertices along normals?

Look at the following image:

How can I scale the verts in the top example to look like the verts in the bottom example? As you can see in the top image the resulted scaled verts look weird. If I do the same thing with a complete circle, I get what I want. But I have to delete half the verts. What do I do if I am starting with a half circle and want it to look like the bottom example?

Before scaling press ‘.’ This will change the scaling pivot to where the 3D cursor is instead of the center of the bounding box of the object (press ‘.’ and ‘,’ a few times and you’ll see the pivot icon change left from the layer buttons)

Have you tried extruding along normals.

When I changed it to “individual object centers” it worked great. Thanks.

It’s so great to have this wealth of knowledge available here.

I thought it extrudes along normals by default. I extrude->region, esc, then scale.

Have you tried extruding along normals.

uh… vertices/edges dont have normals

only faces have normals

however, oddly enough, it works

extrude, right-click without moving

then press [alt+s] and scale inward

i hope this helps


I tried your method. It didn’t work. I think the key is to change the pivot action.

if it didnt work, yes, you have to place the cursor at the “center” (more like the base…) of your half-circle. then, press [.] to change the scaling center to the cursor. then scale.

i hope this helps