Scale when texture painting

Hello there. Right now Im testing and wondering how Im going to approach texturing when Im done with modeling my terrain.

Underneath I have uploaded two images.

  1. The 1st image is of a high-poly terrain.The scale of the terrain in NORMAL MODE is x-1,y-1,z-1. I have zoomed in and placed a cube that has roughly the hight of a human. As you will see the texture I have used seems pixelated and the original quality is lost.
  2. On the second image I have used a single plane but this time, it is scaled up in NORMAL MODE. Again there is a cube for reference and as you can see the image looks slightly better.

I was hoping to use textures in texture paint mode when it was time, so I was wondering if anyone understands my problem, he or she could be kind enough to shred some light on how I can improve and preserve the quality of the images I use when paintng.

Thanks a zillion.


Any ideas? :slight_smile: