just out of curiosity, what is the default scale in blender, it just says 1. and does that refer to the large gray grid squares or the smaller lighter gray grid squares?

Your question is a bit confusing … do you mean the default units of measure instead of the “default scale” (in most cases the default scale would be 1.0 …) …? If the former the “default unit” in Blender are Blender Units (BU) which can be anything you want it to be … meters, feet, inches … depending on what you need . And a BU is the larger gray square and not the smaller ones . The default Blender Cube is 2 BU in size .

The number 1 has no scale. We assign units to numbers in our heads: I weigh 175 lbs. My car holds 11.5 gallons of fuel. My bank account holds 12 dollars. etc.

Blender only works with numbers, not scale. So make your own:

1 BU = 1 cm
1 BU = 3 ft.
1 BU = 1 mile.

Then, when you want to create something, say, 2 meters long, if you say that 1BU = 1 cm then 200 BU = 2 m. Else if 1BU = 3 ft then approx. 2 BU = 2 m. etc.

Hope this helps.

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nice. thanks guys!

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but I was looking for it in the forums and couldn’t find it. Most in the older programs you could change the grid size. In 3Dview/View/View Properties you have a divisions you can change that will allow you to adjust the grid size.