Scaleable pixel game


I am working on a prototype for a pixelated game.

All of the graphics will be extremely scaleable, somewhat like Scaled vector graphics.

Scale is 1 - 8x8 pixel tile image = Same scale as a human player.

The tree trunks are the same height as the player :smiley:

Here are some 2nd day lighting tests.:

The final product should be normal sized pixels. During the game there will be some extreme closeups, so there will be a very neat Zoom effect :smiley:

I should have a playable demo by next Friday. A full game by the first of next month with any luck.

I am hoping on porting the final game to iPhone and Android. If the BGE is capable of this, it would be really cool.

Hopefully this will turn into a commercial project.

Sorry, sunset, and daytime pictures are forbidden here for new users :frowning:

The zooming effect would be pretty cool to see in action. The BGE doesn’t support iPhone and android, however check out the GameKit. GameKit can read and run .blend files and it can compile for android and IOS.

SIO 2 engine can run blender files too and bring them to iphone/andriod

Thank you for the game engine information Andrew and ThePsycho.

I should have a game demo soon. I have been distracted learning all the neat new features blender has added since 2.48.

When I get something semi playable I will try porting to the game engines :slight_smile: