Scaled Sphere

I think a lot of us in CG work can attest to how difficult glass can be. It just requires more samples than anything else and that’s no guarantee it’ll look right. Even with 200 on these it looks like they could have used even more and the bump map could use some adjusting. I do think that there’s been progress on making glass easier and more realistic. These spheres were a test and I went through a couple tutorials about making glass to try and brush up on it, but Gleb Alexandrov’s took my full attention when I started watching it. The shader at the end was complex enough that my view port was hard to manage, but the glass managed to take in so many real world effects that I would definitely use it again.

Polygons: 30,790
Verts: 30,949
Samples: 200
Resolution: 1920x1080
Software: Blender 2.8

Resources and References used

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