Scaling a cube

Howdy rowdies!

I’m new to this whole modeling thing and I have a really simple question.

My problem is, that I don’t know how to stretch an object exactly.

None of the few tutorials I tried were able to answer my question and the sheer amount of buttons and options discouraged me to look for it myself.

All I want to do is to form a cube into something that comes near to (or is exactly) this one:

The isometric cameraview is already set up. So that won’t be the problem!

I need this to make my own tilesets in my favourite videogame (Jagged Alliance 2). Later I want to paint textures on the cube, so all I’ll have to do is to trim the rendered scene with paint to get nice tilesets :).

I hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance and excuse me for my bad English!

Simply put, pressing ‘S’, moving the cursor and clicking will scale your current object.
For more complicated scaling, press ‘S’, then either X, Y or Z to scale along only that axis.

If you press S and then hold the middle mouse button, it’ll stretch it also, and pressing E after S will allow you to extrude.

Manners, guys.

Welcome to the forums, Mysterious Dr.X! :smiley:
Yeah, uh, they already answered your question.

Press N to get the Transform Properties tab where you can enter numerals.


Thanks guys, it was the “N”-button which I was looking for :D.