Scaling a Cylinder

Currently I’m modelling a trophy (I’m very new) and so I have half a cylinder and a mirror modifier to give the full shape. I was planning on scaling loop-cuts in order to give it its shape.
However when I scale the loop, the nearer a point is to the centre, the farther it moves towards the centre. E.g. the very centre point is moving across the mirror line.

I have tried moving the 3D cursor to the centre of the semi-circle and to the centre of the full (mirrored) circle but it still doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Try enabling the Clipping option on the Mirror modifier.

Hi, try to post a screenshot maybe I can help you to solve that :wink:

Ok, here are two screenshots, if you need more just say in which form.
@dunawayc: clipping and merging are enabled

If I’m understanding what you have and what you are trying to do, the best thing to do would be to set the cursor to the center of where you want to scale to (ie the center of the cylinder). You can do this by selecting the points on the opposite sides of the cylinder along the axis of symmetry (ie the points it’s currently scaling towards), then snapping the cursor to the selection (shift-s or Mesh-Snap). Then, change the pivot point (the little button to the left of the 3D manipulator widgets) to Cursor. Now, when you scale, you’ll scale evenly toward the cursor. One thing to keep in mind is if you add a loop after this, you’ll want to constrain along the “up and down” axis of the cylinder (which should be the Z axis if you haven’t rotated the cylinder). You can do this by pressing Shift-Z after you’ve activated the scaling.

Of course, it might have been easier to do all this adding of loops and scaling BEFORE deleting half the mesh adding the mirror modifier.

Here’s a “simplified” version of what I’m talking about.

Thank you very much gradyp, I’ve never even used the pivot points before. Thanks for giving a diagram as well.