Scaling a UV map in pixels?

I have this funky 8 sided shape in blender and I want to scale the uv map so it’s exactly 64 pixels in height and I want the width to maintain aspect ratio as it scales. Is there a way to do this in blender?

Holding control and snapping to the grid doesn’t help, the grid snaps are way to big. Maybe the solution is to shrink the grid size? If it’s possible, how would I go about doing that?

EDIT: Actually, I probably should have messed around for a bit longer before asking. I think I found the solution on my own. “UV > Snap > Selected to Pixels.” Then I just change the coordinates to an even number and click it to the position I want.

Where do you find that? I’m in the “uv” editing tab, and don’t see “snap” when I right click.

It’s not right click. It’s the menu up top. Or, if you’re using the default keymap, the snap menu is shift+s.