Scaling a vertex loop with Snap to vertices

Hey Blendergals & Blenderboys (why does this sound awkward?)

Trying to recreate the ball used in Blender Cookie’s Tron glow stripes tutorial; great tutorial BTW:

I’m trying to scale out a vertex loop to match the diameter of a wider loop. I figure the best way to get them to line up perfectly is to go in front view and scale while using the “Snap To Mesh”
tool, with “Vertices” as the element and “Closest” as the target.

The problem I get is it scales to a slightly larger diameter and I can’t figure out why.

What I get:

What I want:

Here’s the blend file:
Tron tutorial.blend (646 KB)

Any ideas?

Hey Carrozza, nice find but it’s not exactly the problem I’m having. The circles on my end don’t scale + snap to the the right size in edit mode, as opposed to object mode in the other post.

For what it’s worth i was able to recreate the issue he describes.

Does Blender assign a scale value to vertex loops? If so it might explain why the miss-match is happening, Blender might be snaping to the scale value and not the position. Hope I explained that clearly…

Use S / Shift+Z to restrict the scale along the X and Y axes.


Hey Richard, thanks! That’s awesome! Would you be able to explain why restricting the axis is necessary? Shouldn’t the fact that I’m in front view restrict the transforms to the X & Y by itself? It’s usually better to understand the cause than the solution :wink:

The scale is restricted along the X+Y axes but if you just use S to scale the distance you move your curser is slightly longer than neccessary as you need to move at an angle.
In the image the red line is slightly longer than the blue so the scale value is slightly too big. Don’t know if this is the cause, just a guess.
If the tow loops had the same z location a normal S to scale would work fine.



Hehe, hadn’t thought of that, makes sense. Though I did a few tests and don’t think it’s the whole answer, for one you’d expect the circle to get bigger and bigger the further away from the center you snap to, not what happens.

Oh well, guess this is just one of those mysteries of life :slight_smile: Thanks for helping.