Scaling Alignment

First of, my sincere apologies for the extensive damage that’s about to occupy your faces due to vigorous face-palming.

Hello. I’m sorry if this is a bit of a noobie question. I’ve worked with SketchUp for the majority of the last decade, and have switched/collaborated with Blender ever since I found out it had a .DAE import plugin.

But let’s make haste. So, here is my question; how can I scale/deform the vertices/faces that I’ve selected into one direction. Note, I’m aware I can scale along axes by pressing either Z, X or Y during the scaling process, that is not the problem. But how can I drag it into one single direction along that axes? How can I change the point from which Blender aligns the scaling?

To illustrate; let’s say I have a flat circle and have the top half selected by vertices. How could I turn this into a egg shape with a single action?

Thank you in advance.

On the 3d view header there is a dorpdown list to select what you want to use as the pivot point. You can select a vertex and Shift+S / curser to selected. This will move the 3d curser to the vertex position. You can then set the 3d curser as the pivot point (shortcut period key). When you scale you will scale away from this point.

Ah, I see. This is very helpful. Thank you very much.