Scaling and mirror

Hello everybody,

I’d like to gain more Blender skills by practicing.
There is a chess king image. I can’t figure out how to create the top and fill the bottom.
Thank you for explanations.
lesson92.blend (906.3 KB)

regarding the bottom: there is some strange overlapping geometry here:

Also, I used “merge by distance” on your whole mesh and deleted 192 vertices.

The I

  1. filled the bottom with one face

  2. inset once (in face mode, select the whole bottom face and press I, and deselect “boundary”)

  3. use the knife tool to cut some quad geometry:

After subdivision:

As for the top part, you did not pack the reference image into the blend file, so unfortunately I can’t make out any details.

Thank you for response.
The reference image is there. Probably Blender picks up a location of the image not the image itself.
Now I need some time to figure out from your comments.