Scaling and render issue

Hello Blender community,
I am working for a small team of game developers and my task is to do level design. I’ve modeled a house and the team was satisfied with the result. They wanted the house to be a bit wider so I scaled it a bit and than when I rendered it, it was completely messed up. I am attaching images before and after scaling so you can see the problem. I am pretty new at blender but I have 7 years of experience with 3ds max and my transition to blender works very smooth. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me. Blender version is 2.49b. Building image is one that was approved with the note that the scale needs to be changed and one after wards was the result I got after scaling it.

Best regards to you all.


did you scale the textures along with the house?
If so would you mind posting the .blend file?

I wouldn’t recommend just plain scaling that house – it will distort your mesh features (the columns, edge of the roof, etc). To make it wider without distorting the features you should go into edit mode and move the verticies left and right (moving each column as a whole unit). This doesn’t really address your texturing problem, though…

Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately it was a combination of bad geometry and hardware problems with my graphic card driver. Somehow those two combined together caused the loss of consistency in the scene file and made this mess. I am doing the model all over again, this time in 2.5 version and lucky for me they made a last minute change, now wanting the building to have a straw roof so I have to model it all over again anyway.