Scaling and Rotating Questions

(dante) #1

Hey everyone. Im pretty new to 3d and have been using maya a lot lately. One thing I have always liked about maya is that when you rotate or scale and object, you can do it on the axis of your choice. How you do determine which axis you rotate and scale objects? Thanks,


(hannibar) #2

To rotate around one axis : press r, and the x, y or z.
You can’t scale along one axis like that. But if you press s, and then press alt, hold alt and drag with the mouse, you can do something similar.

Hope that helps.

(Enzoblue) #3

To sacle what I do is hit s, move it in the direction you want to scale, then click the middle mouse button and it restricts to that axis.

(vetzeen) #4

Ive been doing “click middle mouse button + horizontal or vertical” and release to scale it to that axis. Enoblue’s method is probably the more appropriate variation.