Scaling before exporting to STL

I use Blender to create models and export them in STL format to be used on Repetier Host (3D Print). But my workflow is not like on 2.79. In 2.8 I have to change the scale to 1000 before export (it’s a bit boring do it every time). If I do not do this the model is out of scale. Any workarounds?

Did you try messing with the actual scene scales ? See the scene pane

Yes. I use the default with 2.8. I tried to use the same standards that I use with 2.79, but the results are bad, too.

My 2.8 default:

Well ,change that accordingly in an empty scene and save it as a startup scene maybe? So that you do not have to fiddle with it.

Good idea. I will take a look at this tip. Thanks

Sure, it should help until this is fixed (if it was broken, not sure)

It would be really great if the 3D Print tools Add-In that ships with Blender (Since 2.6 ish I think) had an arbitrary scaling factor. If it’s 1 by default, but can be set to 1000 so it can output the STL file (Which is unit agnostic by design) in whatever scale is required.
I am also experiencing this as Blender thinks in terms of 1 “Unit” = 1 Meter and Cura thinks 1 “Unit” = 1mm.
I might see if my Python skills are up to suggesting a patch.

Solved. I changed the value of “Unit Scale” and the exportation works. In case of millimeters, I set it 0.001.