Scaling Bone/Armature in edit mode?

Ok, I’ve been trying to scale by ‘B-Bone’ on the X and Y axis bit it won’t do it in edit mode, it will scale on the Z axis but not the other two. Is it possible to do in edit mode? (I’m pretty sure there is) If what might I be doing wrong?

My first post here, hopefully not my last. :smiley:

Well by the way you described it, I’m guessing your bone is sticking straight up. In that case, no you cannot make a bone wider, because there is no need for it.

Are you using 2.5? I think that’s broken or missing in 2.5. In 2.49 you can press alt-s to scale it on its x and y axis.
Edit: And I would consider this a fairly important feature. It helps distinguish between different bones.

In 2.5 to scale the thickness of a b-bone it’s CTRL-ALT-S

You don’t know how happy that makes me. I’m still having trouble finding all of the old stuff.

I found it in the armature menu when in the armature’s edit mode. I’m on my first real rigging project with 2.5, so I’m still looking for stuff myself.:smiley: This is really important for when 2 bones are ‘on top’ of each other, like fk/ik chains. It’s the only way to see which bone is which…

One thing I really miss is the ability to clear rot/loc/scale in weight paint mode, I wonder if the devs know it’s missing…


Yes, it only scales on the Z axis (in other words Up). And scaling the bone on the X and Y axis is pretty important to me, as it helps me visualize the complete armature, and also makes it more orderly.

Yes I’m using 2.5 (Alpha 2), but I tried Alt-S anyway, and it worked! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I tried CTRL-ALT-S, but it didn’t seem to work in 2.5 Alpha 2, so I tried ALT-S and it worked fine.

Thanks for the replies everyone. :slight_smile: