Scaling Bug? 2.49b (Added blend)


I just started this model and as I was scaling across the y axis this happened. It just randomly decided to jump down quite a bit and flip around. Does anyone know what happened?


for some reason I can not post pictures…

EDIT the same thing happens on the x axis as well and on the z it only rotates it a little.
Also it is just the one object and its duplicate.

Ya that looks weird :
Can’t tell though if it’s a bug unless I can play with it myself.

Besides the point, not sure if it will help but your object center seems a little bit off, maybe you should fix that.
And also it seems like you’re scaling using the 3d cursor as pivot. You probably want to change it to median point.
And if you’re doin’ what I think you’re doin’ (trying to move that wheel part), then grab seems like a better tool to use, just my 2 cents.

And btw, nice car wip :wink:

This doesn’t look like a bug.
When you use the scale tool there is always one side of the screen that lets you scale in the positive and another that lets you scale in the negative direction. If your mouse cursor is at the border you get this jumping effect since scale switches between negative and positive.
Just pay attention to where you point your mouse.

Thanks for the comments.

Yes know the object center is way off, although it is the same as all of the other spokes on the wheel so I do not know why that would make a difference. Also I am scaling using the cursor so that I can do a mirror flip across the y-coords of the center of the car.

The flip happens at the change between -.7668 and -.7669.

I will post a blend in a little while… my ISP has been pretty dumb the past 2 weeks or so. So I am unable to upload the blend.


Here is the blend.

Now I’ve played with it, and I don’t think it’s a bug.

The flip between -.7668 and -.7669 is indeed a change from a positive scaling to a negative one, and it is dependent on your 3d cursor. Try move the 3d cursor around, the flip will occur at another location.

It seems the cursor works as an offset. Not sure what workflow would work for you best in this situation.
What I would’ve done is to copy and paste the location value (y axis) from one of the spokes on the other wheel to the one you want to move, and then go from there.