Scaling/Dimesioning issues while using point instance node

Hi, I have this weird issue where I instance a cuboid object using point instance node to a grid but it is somehow re scaled to a cube.
Please help me fix this issue and since I am a beginner in 3d i request you to use beginner friendly language.
Here is a picture of the issue

I think you have to apply the scale. [Object > Apply > Scale] or [ctrl a > Scale] on the cube.

That definitely works but I want the cuboid to be spawned in the grid rather than the cubes. And as per tutorials I saw this node setup should be able to do it.
Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand… what tutorial/tutorials?

Not 1 tutorial in particular. Just watched some geometry nodes tutorial on youtube. And from what I learnt this node setup should lead to the cuboid spawning on the grid
This tutorial in particular is where I got the idea

It appears that when you use the grid node the “particles” take the place of the grid. In your first post that means that you have a cube that is spawned on a grid that is 24.1 x 9 blender units in dimension… with 9 vertices to define it.

That is correct, but the instanced particle is a cuboid, I dont understand why cubes are being spawned on the grid

The question is, have you applied the scale of the cuboid in object mode?

Yes I did apply the scale in object mode. But after u mentioned it I scaled it in edit mode and it is working as I wanted to.
Can u please explain why it is so
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: