Scaling, don't roll the dice...

I’m new to blender, so please bear with me.
Two different things with the same outcome:

1.) I’m trying to work on a simple .svg imported into Blender, it’s a pair of dice (only viewed from one angle).
Now when I try to scale this up, the black dots (numbers) scale up, but the cubes don’t. I’ve tried shift + S, and the scale button too.
I brought this in from inkscape. How to scale both cubes (and numbers) at the same time?
I just want to fool around with the materials, extruding and lighting, but I need a bigger size.

2.) Making (or modeling) from scatch, the same pair of dice and same viwing angle -
just some pointers on the best way to go about doing this. For example; use 3 different layers numbers, cubes and one for the camera and lights? Any tutorials similar to what I’m describing here? One question, how to get depth on the black dots alone on one layer???

And also… Anyone seen a good tutorial on how one would model a wheel with spokes??? at an angle, not straight on.

Do not use Inkscape for what is easy in Blender.

  1. How to scale both cubes (and numbers) at the same time? - Ctrl-J join selected Objects, scale one after.
  2. If you model 3D viewing angle could be any you’d like. Why would you want 3 layers for this? Dice is one object in real life, be the dots glued on or bored in and painted in the cube surface.
    There are dice tutorials out there and most you need how-to from modeling is hole in a plane to start with.

Wheel is all Curves. Curves and Arrays. Start from default Circle. In edit mode Shift-D duplicate and Scale. Now think which dots to connect with what will be a pair of spokes; F connect vertices. P separate two created edges, add Empty and add Array modifier to the edges Object. Set Array to be Object Offset, uncheck Relative and set Empty to be offset Object. Add count (some math needs to be done) and rotate Z Empty (again some math ;)). Almost there - Mirror spokes Z and extrude circles, give them some shape.
Ah, and convert spokes into Curves - you’ll be able to give some thickness then on Properties panel…