Scaling Evenly

Hello Everyone,

I have been modeling a lot of architecture lately, and i ran into a problem with extrude-and-scale. So, basically I have a shape like this:

When I extrude it and scale it (based on median point), it looks like this:

Parts of the mesh overlap and the faces are not scaled to an even width.

My question is, can I scale it so that the extruded edges move away from their source at a 90 deg angle and by the same amount like this:

Of course this can be done manually, but its not very precise and very time consuming for more complicated shapes.
Also, I have tried using the solidify modifier, but it doesn’t work in this situation. Any help is greatly appreciated.

[Edit: attachments fixed]

In case you can’t see it yourself, the attachments links are broken.

Sorry about that. I’ve fixed them!

A workaround :

@michalis Ahh, the inset tool with n-gons. Perfect! Thanks so much!

Try appliyng the scale

Convert to bezier curves, set Geometry > Extrude to height/2 and add Solidify modifier to adjust wall thickness.


and set “even thickness” and “high quality normals” on in the solidify modifier, it should work

or you can just use the solidify operator, after a extrude on z axis of course

Thanks for the help everyone, the outset edge add-on that Wig42 suggested is working great; just what i needed!