Scaling everthing down


Lets say I have a fairly simple project, a character some monsters, a medium sized terrain. I believe ive read somewhere that it os better to grab all your game objects and scale them down alot…like down to 2 or 3 percent. I heard that this will improve performance on large maps.

Is there any truth to this or is it kust better to use 1:1 scale

I do not know what reason this suggestions provide. But I do not know one reason to do so.

The sizing is important for Physics. 1 BU = 1 meter.

Anything else (except I forgot something) is “scale-free”.

Ok, not really.

There are parameters spread around the whole application (e.g. margins, radius, gravity, velocity, camera distances). If you scale your scene the default values might not match anymore. Which means you need to adjust them manually. Sometimes this is not possible.

Finally it will not be faster (at least I do not know why it should be).

In general it is a good idea to keep in mind the default cube is not a little box.
It is = 2m³.
That means multiple adult character can stand upright in it (next to each other not above each other :wink: ).

I hope this helps

I think so, I knew the physics didnt scale as I was having to slow everything down. So a terrain that is 1000 x 1000 will run the same whether it is full soze or scaled down to fit on a default plane?

It depends. If the BGE has to render more faces, it will take more processing power ;). To compensate you need to adjust the camera that the BGE renders the same number of faces as before.

It’s normally a better idea to scale up instead of down.
Scaling up allows better physics with less steps(compared to the opposite), some elements of the scene will be out of the camera frustum and wont be rendered.
But you need some precise reason to scale your scene. For example I scale my game 10X for movement reasons. Each unit will then be like 10cm, the minimum displacement unit, so I can use integers for movement calculations instead of float! That also makes less data to handle…