Scaling imported DXF files.

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Hello All,

   I have a 3D Architectural drawing that has been exported as a dxf file.  I am using Blender 2.25 and importing works as I expected with the exception of fillets.  I am interested in precise scaling of the imported object(s).  I understand scaling itself can be done by selecting the object and either doing a mouse gesture, or pressing the SKEY or NKEY.  What I would like to know is, is there anyway I can equate 1 blender unit(BU) to 1 real world Imperial or Metric unit such as meters, feet, inches or centimeters.  I have a mixed preference in technical drawings; for architectural drawings I prefer using Imperial measurements, while in mechanical I prefer using Metric.  This is why I would like to know a method for scaling both units.

 The only way I can think of at the moment to deal with this problem would be to make a key that represents 1 unit prior to import.  After import I would scale the object until the key is equal to 1 BU.  What I'm uncertain of in this process is, how would I know when the key is scaled to 1 BU.  Would I have to rely on eye-balling the key against the grid or is there another, more precise method?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I hope I haven't left out anything important.



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One way to do it visually would be to create a ruler to scale in your Cad program and export it to Blender. Then you would simply place it alongside your object and do your scaling. This would be independent of the grid.

Ofcoarse this is meathod’s kind of cheesey but it may be of some use.

This may also help