Scaling in the UV Editor

Although I know how to define the scaling center in a 3d view, I have no idea how to do it in the uv editor. The scaling center appears not and I do not know how to move it.
Thanks in advance

I believe the ‘center’ of your scaling in the UV window will always be the middle of the points you select. The curser doesn’t appear in that window, at least not in my Linux version of 2.34.
Hope this helps,

The UV editor only uses the median point between selected verticies. It has less functionality than the regular editing tools. You’ll have to move verts a different way.

good point!
i had the transform cursor for UV window request on my todo list …
somehow it slipped …

tsk… tsk… coders /me shakes head

/* anyhoo this is likely to be on the loooong list */