Scaling issue in blender from objects from zbrush and maya

In maya and zbrush I made a character which is about 9 inches tall in the head. When I bring the character into blender its 12 meters! tall for the head. How do I fix it so that its roughly the same size. I think its 228 mm tall in maya but have to redo the math. I like mm best for scene scale. This is critical for proper sss shading. The mesh has good UVS and topology.

Any way to reset this to those values easily?

You need to manually compensate it in Blender. Put the object under an empty and scale the empty to 0.01 Maya is cm and Blender is m in units.

That’s weird! How come it needs to be so different? And when I take it back to zbrush? wont i have issues sculpting it?