Scaling issue when combining meshes and there uvmaps

Hi i am combining 2 meshes and their uv maps however the one is mapped at 4096 and the other 2048. When i merge the 2048 to the 4096 texture the uv mask for the 2048 image is now much to big and needs to be scaled down which is proving more difficult to get it just right and time consuming. Is there anyway to do this where the uvmask for the 2048 is the correct scale without changing either maps resolution.


Yes. Just use the scaling features in the uv editor like you do in the 3D viewer. First, in the 3D viewer, select the entire mesh you want to scale the texture for. It will display in the uv editor. Select the entire uv map and scale it using keyboard input to get accurate results i.e. s2, enter). That should do it.

Oh nice didn’t know u could use a value to scale that should work for me. Thx mate