Scaling issues


I have a verry, verry simple plane. Scaled on X extruded in X and extruded again in Y. It looks like two rectangle.
This thing should be a house (far, far in the future…I hope). Now I need the wall. For this ‘reasy’ step, I wont to extrude and scale it…but it looks not coorect (not evenly, see the screenshot). What’s wrong?
I centered the origin and scaled the object, but still the same problem.
Any ideas?

Hey, welcome to BlenderArtists!

For what you are looking to achieve, you should proceed differently. The method closest to what you are doing right now would be to select your floor and INSET the faces:

Press “i”:

Then you can extrude the walls.

Another method would be to (once all your floor plan is completes) extrude only the edges for the walls:

Separate them with “p” then use a solidify modifier on them:

You’ll probably want to use the complex mode to get straight and same thickness walls. This method lets you more easily modify the room shapes after they are done.

Let me know if this helps or if you’d like more help!



Thanks for this. I also tried “i” but it looked also not correct (yes, individual is not activated)

If you can fix this problem. “i” will be an solution for me :wink:

Your problem is the internal face on your mesh.

@patnard 's method will work.

Start with two loop cuts, extrude one edge out, extrude the whole mesh up to add thickness and then do the inset.

You need to have linked faces for what you want to do, faces link when they share the same edge, in other words when 2 vertices are shared.

I suggest that you look at some modeling tutorials, doesn’t even need to be architectural design, just to know a bit how things work, and what operators exists (like the offset operator).

Ok, sorry if my question is a bit stupid (I’m a beginner), but I don’t understand the problem. On my plane, the edge goes from left to right. I also merged all. So why is it not working?

If I give room to breathe to what you did to get your shape, it looks like this:

And when you select your faces to inset, you select those:

Which give this result:

So you have those edges that are overlapping, thats no good.

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And apply object scales, because why not? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It can’t hurt :grin:

Ok, that was a brilliant explanation. Thank you. But this gap between my two parts should be closed by “merge - by distance”, shouldn’t it? I did this (scale as well :wink: ).

I uses your first example, created it new and…yes, I know, It’s not a big surprise for youe but for me, it worked :D. Buuuut, my extrude along normas works not perfectly/ evenly again (on the back side…why…(yes, I scaled)

Merge by distance will merge VERTICES by distance, since no vertex overlap, nothing merges.

As I mentionned, I think you could greatly benefit from watching someone model. Andrew Price’s anvil tutorial comes to mind. Or his chair tuto as well.

Just for you to get a feeling of how modeling behaves.

Good luck!

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