Scaling keys in the Graph Editor is kind of a mess

Hey guys.

I wanted to see if this is normal behavior for Blender or if I’m doing something wrong.

When I move keys in the graph editor, both the keys and the tangents respect the Time Snapping option. So if it’s set to Nearest Frame, all the keys and tangents snap to whole frames as you move them back and forth.

Also, key tangents set to Auto or Auto Clamped remain that way even after moving them.

This is exactly the behavior I would expect. No problem here:

However, scaling keys is a whole other story.

While keys respect the Time Snapping option, tangent handles don’t. It makes a God-awful mess out of the handles and makes the scaling process feel chaotic and broken (to me, anyway). To make matters worse, any tangents set to Auto or Auto Clamped are force-changed to Aligned, which means you have to go back and fix all your keys every time you scale them.

Scaling keys is a pretty important part of the workflow so I was surprised to see such inconsistent behaviors between the two translation modes.

Is this a bug or it is actually supposed to work this way? If so, can anyone explain the logic of this? When would this ever be desirable or beneficial?


(Forgot to mention this is in 2.8.)

Well, supposed you want to stretch the actual form of the curve, the handles have to change. If you’d bound the handles to the grid, the curve would get a whole different character.
This is my interpretation of the setting automaric
Haven’t tried it myself though

Yeah, you’d get something nice like this:

A smooth, uniform scale that preserves your tangent types.

And technically they’re not bound to a grid, they just don’t change until the key does.

If you want to change the form of the curve isn’t that what selecting the tangents individually is for? I can’t imagine intentionally wanting to do what it does now. It makes the curve all wavy and uneven.

It seems the current scale is only good with Time Snapping turned off for scaling multiple keys (if you don’t mind having your keys between frames) or just for stretching out individual tangent handles, like this:

a little late to reply, but I too was struggling for it, and found the answer.

toggle scale, and press the axis you want to scale on the keyboard with pivot point mode (be sure to place cursor correctly)