Scaling leaves

I’ve got many leaves on tree, all are one single mesh and each leaf is made from two triangles. I’d like to change their size individually. I remember that in 3dsmax I was able to select them as objects and scale down, is it possible in blender?
Best regs.

Choose pivot point Individual Origins after selecting them, and then scale them.

Thank you, I’ve found that right after posting, but blender stops responding after I hit “s”…

hmm in editmode and all selected, how many verteses do you have? it should not stop responding, scaling is not really demanding on your system. especially when you only have 4 verteses per leaf :o

also what processor do you have? give me its full name. just wondering if its a decent one.

You can check bug report here:
I’ve waited little longer and got response after about 1:30m but when I copy and join mesh blender hangs for good.
I’ve got i7 4770 CPU, but scaling uses only 1 thread (only about 15% of CPU is used).

I’ve got question, this will help solve the problem: I can make only partial selections and scale few times, but how can I select whole leaf instead of part of it? In max I was able to select “sub objects” inside mesh, here selection is limited to faces.

If anybody is interested, just “select linked” after box select will work fine.