Scaling my texture in UV-mode

Im trying to learn the node system in Blender, and I cannot find a way to scale my unwrapped UV-map so it has different sizes for different textures. Is there some node to fix this?

I have a 8000x8000ppx texture and a 2000x2000ppx normal map. I want my mesh to have about 2x2 of the texture (that is I want the texture to repeat 4 times), and the resolution of my normal is so low that i want to fit maybe 10x10 of it on the normal map. Two textures, two different mappings. But i can only unwrap my mesh once.

My problem is that when i scale the UV-map in the UV editor it affects the UV-map for all the textures. I want it to be a certain size for my texture-image and another size for my normal-image. How can i achieve this?

you can scale the image size in the texture panel as I recall. then you can set the texture to repeat. not sure if this is what you are trying to accomplish, but give it a try. that way you can scale each texture separately.

What if you make different uv maps for textures used? Add new uv map on ObjectData panel (triangle icon).

Hey that did something at least, though not everything i wanted.
I guess Ill just make a texture sheet for all the materials. I need individual dirt-maps anyway. Thank you!