Scaling Normals and Rabbit Fur

(mrunion) #1

I was working with Eeshlo’s (sp?) FAKEFUR file and the rabbit looks great – but when I remove him and try just working on a simple sphere it seems that there is a problem. His rabbit has “long normals” (when showing the normals) and his resulting rabbit is rendered with long fur. my sphere has “short” normlas by comparrison and my sphere’s fur is not as long and flowing.

How do I scale up the normals of my object? His text mentions ALT+S but that is Shrink/Fatten. Am I missing something?

Matt :frowning:

(haunt_house) #2

I think, shrink, fatten only uses the direction of the normals to change the mesh. maybe?
Did you triy the n-size button in the edit buttons?


(ectizen) #3

I haven’t used the script in question, but I think this will achieve the desired result: select your mesh, enter edit mode, select all verts, scale to make smaller, leave edit mode, scale to return to original size. You should find the normals are now larger.

Key-by-key version: select mesh, TABKEY, AKEY, SKEY, make smaller (eg. 0.5), TABKEY, SKEY, make larger (eg. 2.0)

(mrunion) #4

:smiley: ectizen, Thanx! That got it to “scale” the normals.

Haunt_house, I had tried what you said but that affected only how the normals were sized when they were “drawn” with the Display Normals button.

Thanks guys.

(mrunion) #5

Just another note that between the scale down and scale up you must remember to “Apply Size/Rot” (CTRL+A). If you don’t do this it might cause problems. Also, DO NOT apply size/rot when scaling back up or you will “loose” your scaled normals. Other than these issues everything seemed to work OK.

Thanks again for all the help guys! :smiley: